Network migration: Service Providers

Private customers

  • Migration from analogue to VoIP connections
  • ISDN Replacement: ISDN multiple-device connection via VoIP (the old ISDN telephone can continue to be used)
  • Both services feasible as: An OTT service on broadband connections with CPEs und SIP-capable endpoints or without a change of the last mile via MSAN

Business customers

  • ISDN multiple-device connections for business customers: ISDN telephones can continue to be used with the familiar convenient service features
  • No changes to the last mile via MSAN or as an OTT service with local ISDN Access Gateways at the customer’s location

Business Trunking: The universal system connection

  • ISDN Replacement: System connections for the continued use of existing ISDN PBX systems
  • SIP trunking: VoIP-based system connections for SIP-capable PBX systems
  • Value Added Trunking: Unified communication services for existing PBX systems with a migration option to hosted UC/PBX


  • Differing network structures are supported: From MSAN to CPE/gateway-based connection scenarios
  • Complete ISDN service features transparency: ISDN systems/telephony can continue to be operated in the usual manner
  • Mapping of regulatory duties an option, such as number portability, emergency calls and lawful intercept
  • Can be expanded with further TELES voice and UC Services
  • NFV software solution on COTS servers
  • Significant OPEX savings compared to legacy switching platforms (in terms of the power, space, support, etc.)
  • Cutting-edge, web-based system management with self-care function