Mobile Services for Business Customers

Unified communications meet road warriors

The TELES Mobile Services: The extension you can take with you, ensuring you have efficient corporate communications even when you are out and about.

For business customers, the TELES Mobile Services provide the following added value:

  • One-number service – permits corporate communications via the fixed-line number regardless of your location
    Having a chaotic amount of phone numbers and passing on your mobile number even when you prefer not to – are now a thing of the past. With the one-number service, the fixed-line number with its extension becomes the central accessibility point for each employee, and that regardless of where they are located at any specific time.
  • Productivity increase
    With the TELES Mobile Services, you have access to call lists, as well as voice- and faxmail everywhere and at all times. Moreover via Rich Presence, reachability can even be controlled and managed.
  • The ideal solution for every work situation
    Whether it is in the home office with a headset, in the company office with the convenience of an IP desktop phone, or out and about with a mobile phone – TELES provides the exact right solution for supporting your modern daily work routines to perfection. And that with uniform usability on every platform.
  • Modern, easy to use and secure
    The TELES Mobile Services are the answer to your employees’ desire for cutting-edge work tools, while fulfilling your IT managers’ requirement for having the simplest possible rollout and operating plan, as well as uncompromising operational safety and security. With the Mobile Services from TELES both of these needs are fulfilled:

    • BYOD to enhance employee satisfaction, by permitting them to use their own terminal devices safely and securely in their corporate environment
    • Simplest possible rollout thanks to automatic provisioning
    • Data security with encryption when configuring and communicating

Converged IP Centrex

With the Converged IP Centrex (an extension of the TELES IP Centrex), every standard mobile telephone can be transformed into an extension you can take with you – and that without any app whatsoever.

Service features:

  • The mobile telephone becomes a PBX terminal device
  • The fixed-line number is used for outgoing and incoming calls
  • Extension dialling is the same as from a PBX telephone
  • Busy lamp information with outgoing calls from mobile telephones
  • Additional service features when combined with the TELES MobileControl Clients (UMS box, rich presence, and much more)

Also an option for existing PBX systems

The system design with its clear focus on business customer requirements permits service providers to offer mobile services even to standard business customers who have a simple telephone system interface with their own telephone system.

Users with existing telephone systems can utilise the TELES Softclients and smartphone apps. The sole requirement for this is to activate the PBX system via a business trunk (corresponding to an IP-based telephone system connection) of the TELES platform.