Residential Services

IP (or VoIP) telephony is now the method of choice for private and business customers alike. For carriers, there are some clear benefits. In the past, it was necessary to maintain two networks: one for voice and one for data traffic. Today, IP networks can handle both, however.

For network operators, running costs are reduced along with the expense of configuring and maintaining the homogeneous network. Business customers benefit, for example, from new IP-based applications, fast setup of telecommuting workplaces and new capabilities associated with computer telephony integration (CTI). Private customers enjoy increased usage of VoIP-to-VoIP calls.

Using solutions from TELES for IP telephony in the private and business customer segments, network operators have all the tools needed to rapidly tap into the VoIP market while realizing significant cost benefits and winning over and retaining customers with new services and added-value features.

Seamless integration of Residential VoIP

Using our Residential VoIP solution, network operators can easily create a competitive package of services for the private customer market. Residential VoIP provides network operators with a fail-safe IP telephony solution that installs seamlessly over existing telecom infrastructure and supports convenient configuration and management via a web browser. With Residential VoIP, only one new IP application is added for private customers – and no more.

With its integrated voicemail service, web portal for managing personal data and features and ample interface support for integration into existing carrier infrastructure, our Residential VoIP solution is in a class of its own in the private customer segment.

Good to know: Residential VoIP grows along with your needs and fits right in with current market requirements. Residential VoIP is a full-fledged substitute for analog and ISDN telephony and offers a number of value added services (CLIR, Twin Number, MSN).

We’re paving the way: ISDN substitute and IP migration with TELES

Many business customers no longer want to make do without convenient ISDN features such as call transfers and forwarding of calls to mobile phones. ISDN lines tend to be expensive, and the transition to IP telephony appears more cost-effective only at first glance since existing phones must be replaced with IP-ready equipment. Even large companies hesitate to move to IP precisely due to the major investment required by such a project. 

TELES has responded by developing an ISDN migration solution that allow users to access all of the customary ISDN functions with their existing phones while taking advantage of the benefits of the IP world. The system is fast to install and is based on centralized management and provisioning of resources. Simply put, this is the best way to migrate to IP.