Permanent Call Recording (PCR)

Call recording is a vital component in documenting call data and improving quality in a call center.

With the TELES Session Recording Server (SRS), you now have a cost-effective solution for call recording in all business areas. You manage the recorded calls via a web-based portal, with the search function available whenever you need to access a recording.

What can the TELES solution do?

  • record data 24/7
  • store records in the agent's UMS box or the ACD group's box
  • allow IVR Opt-IN and Opt-OUT
  • allow data search by time, name and number

How is the TELES solution constructed?

  • based on the SIPREC standard
  • supports Oracle and AudioCodes SBC
  • supports AudioCodes and Dialogic media servers

What is recorded and when?

  • incoming, outgoing or all calls
  • only external calls or all calls
  • permanently
  • within a given time frame

In addition to a proprietory solution, TELES offers integration of the ASC recording solution. ASC is a leading provider of software for multi-channel recording, and quality management and analytics, whose solution provides evidence-proof recording and archiving in accordance with MiFID II. For more information about the ASC product, please get in touch with your TELES sales contact.

Datasheet: Permanent Call Recording (PCR)