IP Centrex

Many companies are now working to shift data and applications to external computing centers. Such “cloud computing” clearly has many benefits: Instead of managing their own servers and software, companies can lease services from large server farms. Of course, the company only pays for the services and storage capacity that is actually required. This saves time and money by eliminating all expenses associated with operation of the software and servers.

TELES has taken this idea to heart and applied the cloud principle to PBX systems. With TELES Managed Cloud Services, customers get a well-designed, full-featured communications solution that is provisioned via the Internet from a central server platform and is capable of extending or replacing all PBXs at decentralized locations as required.

Powerful benefits of a virtual PBX

Network operators enjoy a tremendous benefit: The ability to deploy a virtual PBX on a hosted platform with central maintenance (Hosted PBX). No investment into hardware or software is required, which is a pricing benefit that can be passed along to business customers who – like in the case of cloud computing – only need to lease the system capacity they currently require.

Enterprise customers benefit from a flexible PBX with high availability, convenient Internet-based management and easy adaptation to their needs. Users enjoy the benefit of smooth operation – without having to worry about maintaining the system. Capital-intensive outlays for the purchase of a conventional PBX that is installed on-site are a thing of the past, as is the need for a long-term contract with a single manufacturer of terminal equipment. In fact, business customers can continue using their conventional equipment such as phones and fax machines.

IP Centrex has something for everyone

Cloud services from TELES are ideal for small- to medium-sized companies that wish to avoid costly investments into telephone equipment as well as large, international corporations that need a manageable solution for complex applications distributed across a number of sites. Does that sound simple? It really is!