TELES Call Center

The TELES Call Center offers all of typical functions of a classical inbound call center for small and medium-sized companies:

  • one call center for several locations
  • integration of home office and mobile workplaces
  • queues with uniform call distribution (UCD)
  • skill-based routing
  • interactive voice response system (IVR)
  • geographical forwarding
  • customer priority rating (VIP)
  • overflow system to handle rising call volumes
  • comprehensive statistics and live monitoring for supervisors

Whatever business you are in, we have the perfect solution for customer support and service. Whether your organisation is large or small, or the agents work from home or use mobile phones, the TELES Call Center supports all of the functions your team will need.

Connect the Call Center to your CRM system

Integrate it with your CRM to display customer information to the agents to optimize the speed of service. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than having to repeatedly explain the reason for their call. That is why we enable you to integrate your CRM system so that customer information does not get lost even when the call is passed on to another agent for further processing.

IVR and ACD - the perfect choice

With the help of the integrated interactive voice response service (IVR) and the ACD function, customer queries are always sent to the agent best qualified to deal with them. The advanced ACD function uses agent skills and customer priority levels (VIP) to achieve this goal.

Always available - even outside of business hours

Call center operators are constantly faced with the task of providing cost-efficient service in a customer-friendly manner. One simple way of achieving this goal without incurring additional cost is to allow customers to leave a voicemail message if they call outside of business hours.

Agent workplace: TELES DesktopOperator

The DesktopOperator offers a simple and easy way to handle customer calls and supplies the information needed to deal with them. The application has been optimized for use by agents or as a switchboard and requires minimal training to be able to use.

TELES Call Center – a value-added service for IP Centrex customers

The TELES Inbound Call Center offers important functions needed to support the agents and supervisors in carrying out their daily tasks. Interactive menus (IVRs), queues, announcements, user accounts, and routing can be managed in the menus for the call center, which is a value-added service for our IP Centrex customers.

If you would like to find out more about our product, please contact the TELES Sales Team. We look forward to hearing from you.

Datasheet: TELES Call Center