Business Trunking

Business customers have long been aware of the quality and cost benefits of Internet telephony (Voice over IP) and have made the switch to VoIP-enabled terminal devices. Business Trunking solutions from TELES allow network operators to put together a full-service package that can be extended at any time and is based fully on VoIP with features such as flexible management of number blocks through CTI services from the cloud with iPhone applications.

For business customers who are hesitant to invest into new IP-enabled terminal devices, network operators can offer an entry-level solution that allows access to the benefits of VoIP while continuing to use existing infrastructure consisting of ISDN phones and PBXs.

Works instantly

The benefit: Business customers gain immediate access to the full flexibility and benefits of VoIP communications, but without hidden costs and no need for training to use new terminal equipment such as an IP PBX. In technical terms, the subscriber line functions just like a conventional ISDN line. At a later point in time, the customer can decide to switch to an IP infrastructure if necessary.

This flexibility pays off quickly for network operators too: Based on the high-availability Business Trunking solution from TELES which has been designed to satisfy all regulatory requirements, network operators can give their customers access to a cost-effective and flexible entry-level package with state-of-the-art IP communications.