TELES Tracer

The tracer allows a system administrator to monitor and troubleshoot call- and subscriber-related transactions in a user-friendly way for the whole TELES solution on a central management interface.

Advantages and benefits for the service provider

  • Central collecting and storage from all TELES VAS/SSW components store relevant data (Signaling data, Application logs, etc.) in one place historical data and customizable data retention
  • Real time view on the complete network including all TELES VAS/SSW components overall processing and correlation of provided data convenient display and presentation of the requested data in a user friendly Web based graphical user interface
  • Easy to use data examining and analysing tools comprehensive and complex real time searching and filtering mechanism

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TELES Element Management System

The TELES Element Management System (EMS) provides a single graphical user interface for system administrators to manage TELES network elements. The EMS allows the convenient provisioning, monitoring, and fault management of the supported components.

The integrated event monitor collects all alarms and notifications from the network elements and store them in the internal database.The events can be filtered and forwarded in different ways to umbrella management systems.

Different user permissions and network views are granted by the layered role model in the EMS user management. The integrated audit log stores all user activities in the internal database for further evaluation.

In addition a comprehensive monitoring of main system KPIs allows a historical review and analysis of the system behavior of a dedicated network element.

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