With the WebRTC (real time communication) technology, voice and video communications as well as sharing texts (chat & instant messaging) and documents (desktop sharing) via a web browser is now possible. Using the WebRTC means an end to installing additional software and updates of new versions as required for PC and MAC clients. The WebRTC client system operates centrally via the server and the end customer always receives the latest version automatically.

In order to telephone with the WebRTC client system for in-house corporate communications as well as with outside parties (PSTN breakout), TELES now has a WebRTC gateway available with the following features

  • WebSockets
  • Conversion of SIP/WebSockets to SIP/UDP, TCP or TLS
  • ICE (interactive connectivity establishment)
  • OPUS transcoding

TELES support the OPUS audio codec

In order to achieve the best possible voice quality and be able to provide a cost-efficient solution at the same time, transcoding should be avoided. For this reason, the TELES Softclient is now offering the OPUS codec, thus permitting it to connect directly with a WebRTC client system.