Use a mobile app that turns your smartphone or tablet into a streamlined, cost-efficient, reliable tool that puts you back in charge. You can be reached at a single phone number with a single voice mailbox and access useful PBX features no matter where you are. The app moves your calls seamlessly between Wi-Fi and mobile networks to provide you with the best call quality at an optimum cost.

You can now manage call forwarding, parallel ringing, do not disturb, and more of your company telecom system’s most useful features from your mobile phone.

Be flexible

You can easily change your mobile phone number or mobile carrier. It works with any mobile carrier, and since your customers only your office phone number, they can still reach you even if you change your mobile phone number.
MobileControl can even be used with your existing PBX (Value Added Trunking) and in case of the need for a client-less solution TELES has also an answer - have a look at TELES' Mobile Services.

Key Features

  • HD Audio (G.722)
  • HD Video (H.264,VP8 up to 1920x1080 and H.263+)
  • 1-1 Chat / Chat in rooms
  • Single-number service
  • Rich Presence, BLF
  • Visual voicemail and fax
  • Corporate address book integration
  • Mobile access to PBX features
  • Mobile VoIP, Callback, Callthrough, and CTI
  • Seamless call handover between GSM and Wi-Fi, UMTS, and LTE with convenience messages

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