Softclients & Mobile Apps

Just imagine always being reachable via your fixed-line number, and that regardless of whether your active terminal device is a PC, a tablet, a mobile phone or your office phone – with the Softclients and mobile apps from TELES, this is child’s play! This means for you that you have one telephone number, one mailbox for voice messages, and at the same time you can profit from all of the advantages of fixed network telephony. Learn more


Softswitches from TELES help network operators to enjoy a smooth, convenient transition to the new world of IP networks. They allow many heterogeneous networks around the globe to communicate with one another and exchange signals with no disruptions. Learn more

Voice Application Server

You are looking for a failsafe platform so as to be able to offer high-availability telecommunications and value-added services to your private and business customers? Then now is the time for you to have a closer look at the TELES Voice Application Server. Whether it is the basic services, the call service function, a hospitality solution, the UMS box and conferences, fixed-mobile convergence or bring-your-own-device (BYOD) – the TELES Voice Application Server is able to do all that, and even more! Learn more