We think things through for you

We know just how important infrastructure is for the smooth operation of a company. Highly sensitive, business-critical applications such as all telecom services must be absolutely free of interruptions with availability around the clock. Constant availability is a must, combined with perfect system stability. In many cases, companies cannot tolerate even the slightest system failure or interruption.

Protecting critical telecom infrastructure is thus clearly an existential challenge that necessitates a coordinated approach – and most importantly, an experienced partner who is an expert in telecom systems and can guarantee interruption-free operation.

Always accessible, always in business

We work to make certain that users are always accessible – no matter when and where this is necessary. Our intelligent products ensure that gateways can keep track of what is happening, detect disruptions and provide flexible switching if a network fails. Our solutions for network operators and business customers help to bolster their working capacity and ultimately their sales and profit.

Of course, it’s important not to forget field employees who rely on being reachable and having access to important customer data and the ability to respond when needed. With high-availability solutions from TELES, customers have constant access to a well-informed contact person. This helps to build trust, shorten wait times, eliminate unnecessary queries, improve response speeds – and generating greater satisfaction on all sides.