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Corporate IT departments are experiencing simultaneous pressure from two sides: New technologies and applications need more and more bandwidth and are pushing existing networks to the very limits of their performance. Performance that was adequate yesterday will clearly not meet future requirements. In addition, employees want to use devices such as phones, smartphones and tablet computers for continuous access to corporate data from any location. Employees expect constant access to IT and communications services, more or less like power from an electrical outlet.

There’s another trend that is impacting the business world as well as telecommunications: It’s no longer mandatory to be physically present in the office to work efficiently. Many employees can conveniently work from home and still achieve the same work output.

The changing needs of employees

Companies are faced with some challenges as a result: Next generation networks (NGNs) must be capable of satisfying a number of requirements, including employee demand for access to virtual as well as mobile business processes combined with mobile communications. The communications architecture must exhibit a great deal of flexibility and anticipate new developments in order to be ready to satisfy future requirements.

TELES works to create lasting value

Mobilization and virtualization are unleashing unexpected forces in the production and provision of data while making a clear contribution to higher productivity and efficiency. From a company’s point of view, however, this trend is associated with the key issue of investment protection. The added value that comes with virtualization should not be offset by the cost of purchasing new IT equipment and terminal devices. The cost savings and competitive/productivity benefits must outweigh the cost of the added infrastructure.

Gradual migration to the latest standards

This is precisely where communications solutions from TELES come into play: Our solutions such as migration of conventional ISDN networks to IP or managed cloud services have an intelligent design that allows network operators and business customers to continue using their existing infrastructure while migrating, practically unnoticed, to new standards and protocols. Truly efficient telecom solutions must provide guaranteed compatibility with existing infrastructure, and this is the standard by which our customers judge us.

Solutions from TELES for next generation networks (NGNs) fulfill all of the latest requirements for the mobile business world and new applications – while also integrating existing infrastructure. In short: TELES develops solutions that look ahead and take into account innovations that are only just beginning to emerge.

TELES does things right!

Solutions from TELES are also efficient because they go on tapping into the potential of existing investment in infrastructure and networks. Our technological innovations give customers a competitive edge – as opposed to shortening the lifespan of past investments.


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