Added Value

You can rely on TELES products and services. And even more: You can profit from the added value they provide.

Investment Protection

Users typically do not want to part ways with their existing telecom systems just to enjoy the convenience of new technologies and advanced networks. Solutions from TELES are designed with this in mind. We work hard to help our customers continue using existing infrastructure and avoid premature write-offs of their investment. This pays off for everyone. Learn more

Less complexity

Solutions from TELES help network operators to harmonize infrastructure that has evolved over many years. Telecom systems from TELES are easy to administer and require no maintenance. Learn more

Focus on Core Business

TELES works to ensure that network operators and business customers have a clear head to focus on the essential aspects of their business – with dependable systems and best-in-class components. Learn more

Risk minimization

Telecom systems are critical infrastructure that must never fail. TELES has already proven this is possible in a number of installations.
We are well aware of just how critical telecom infrastructure is for the smooth operation of a business. Network operators and business customers can rely on solutions from TELES. Learn more

Optimization of cost structure

Interested in eliminating unnecessary business travel, maintenance work and troubleshooting?  Solutions from TELES pay off fast. Based on intelligent services and products, TELES can deliver a noticeable reduction in the operating and investment costs of network operators and business customers. Learn more


Working with TELES

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