July 19, 2013

Test passed: Gigaset DECT phones to support TELES convenience services

Gigaset, one of the world's leading manufacturers of cordless telephones, has put itself to the test and has shown that its DECT telephones support the full functionality of the TELES virtual phone system.

Berlin/Vienna, June 19, 2013. Cordless telephones from Munich-based manufacturer Gigaset seamlessly integrate into TELES infrastructure solutions. In other words, the fully standard-compliant telephones exploit all convenience functions of the TELES virtual phone system (PBX).

"Gigaset, Europe's first and foremost supplier of DECT phones, is the very first providerto have successfully completed our interoperability test," says Oliver Olbrich, Chief Operation Officer at TELES. "The test confirms that Gigaset devices fully support the important functions that users require for a modern and convenient service. Once again, the test proves the compliance of our communications solution with all the common standards."

"Thanks to the interoperability of TELES infrastructure solutions with Gigaset N510 IP Pro and Gigaset N720 IP Pro DECT devices, a powerful telephone solution is available combining mobility with fantastic ease of use", adds Hans-Jürgen Huber, Head of Business Customers at Gigaset.

Telephony in the cloud

With its Managed Cloud Services, TELES offers a fully functional communications solution using an Internet accessible central server platform to replace or enhance all local PBXs. The great benefit to users is a leasable 24/7 maintained virtual telephone system hosted on a central platform. The need to invest in new hardware and software is avoided.

Everyone's a winner: Manufacturers of TELES platform-compatible end devices can provide customers with cloud-based telephony systems. Network operators can focus their attention on marketing their telephone solutions and forget about such aspects as smooth operation and virtual telephone system maintenance. Enterprise customers benefit from a flexible and high availability telephone system which can be adapted to their needs and managed via the Internet.

About the TELES IOT program

Interoperability testing (IOT) allows manufacturers to check the functional compatibility of their end devices with TELES components. As a consequence, TELES solutions are always state-of-the-art, manufacturer-independent and compatible with top-ranking end devices. There are substantial marketing benefits for manufacturers too, successful IOT confirms restriction-free integration of end devices into a TELES environment.

All end device manufacturers are welcome to test their products with the TELES IOT program in a live environment. The TELES IOT lab is based in Vienna and is capable of testing several devices simultaneously.

About Gigaset

Munich-based Gigaset AG is a global player in the communications industry. The company is Europe's market leader in DECT telephones. The premium supplier ranks second worldwide with around 1,400 employees and a market presence in about 70 countries.