October 18, 2021

TELES significantly improves operating cash flow

Berlin (18.10.2021/14:00) - TELES AG Informationstechnologien (ISIN DE000A289B07 / WKN A289B0) today published its half-yearly financial statements 2021.

•    Cash flow increases by 92% compared to the previous year
•    Sales decline by 14% compared to the previous year
•    Reduction in personnel costs by 8%
•    Reduction of other operating expenses by 29%
•    Net loss for the period of EUR -291 thousand
We were also able to secure and expand the maintenance business with existing customers in the third quarter. In the German-speaking region (DACH) we were able to further expand the project business, particularly through our partner Communi5 Technologies, Vienna. However, it has not been possible to implement this in Europe without DACH. The further development of the product families and the development of suitable solutions and products are still in focus, e.g. the expansion of the TELES softswitch to enable software-based recoding in customer networks (transcoding). That will bring further growth. In the third quarter, the marketing and communication activities were further expanded in order to further position TELES on the market and to anchor it with customers as a competent, efficient and future-proof provider.

The operative cash flow increased by 92 percent EUR -96 thousand (previous year EUR -1,137 thousand). At EUR 1,799 thousand, sales decreased by 14% from EUR 2,081 thousand in the re-porting period. The cost of materials ratio rose to 21.8% (previous year: 19.1%). The income from subletting and charging on from agency agreements amount to EUR 109 thousand (previous year: EUR 119 thousand, reported as other operating income). The other operating income is EUR 118 thousand (previous year: EUR 275 thousand). Personnel expenses were reduced by 8% to EUR 1,181 thousand (previous year: EUR 1,285 thousand). The other operating expenses could be reduced by 29% to EUR 617 thousand (previous year EUR 864 thousand). In the nine-month financial statements of TELES, the period deficit amounts to EUR 291 thousand (previous year period deficit: EUR 218 thousand). The total assets of TELES increased by EUR 66 thousand compared to the annual financial statements. The company is able to meet its financial obligations at all times.

In 2021, we expect TELES no growth in sales and a balanced result (EBIT).

Oliver Olbrich

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