November 20, 2014

TELES Mobile Centrex Transforms the Cloud into The Office of the Future

The mobile world of work also needs a mobile telecommunications solution – as the mobile phone by itself now creates more problems than it solves – with the Mobile Centrex from TELES the clever extension here.

Berlin, November 20, 2014. With its Mobile Centrex, TELES has the telecommunications solution when working today. For employees, they are only reachable when they want to be with the Mobile Centrex, while having simultaneous access to their standard fixed line telephone services. In this way, a clever work-life-balance, a separation between work and free time in our mobile world of work is also achieved.

The availability of the Internet, IP and mobile telephony is having a mobilizing effect on work, creating more flexible work times and resulting in an increasingly decentralized organization of work without fixed workplaces. Where the work times, locations and organizational structures were pre-defined in the past, today's employees now determine these for themselves. Something which has also impacted on and changed our communications: At one time you'd go to a café, drink a tea or coffee there with an extra biscuit, converse with the other guests, or read a newspaper. Such café days are now a thing of the past. Whether you are in Berlin, New York or Hong Kong – the guests are not bending over their coffee anymore, but over their notebooks. The first thing they ask is for the wireless connection and not the menu, in an era when they no longer organize their calls and emails in the office but out and about. In the past, business trips were something that the boss undertook when he was not in the office – in today's world, most of the workforce is mobile, and not just the tradesmen and doctors, but also the customer service and sales teams, the project managers and the overall management of course. And the place of work is not a desk in an office with your name on it anymore – as the permanent office is being replaced with more flexible organizational forms: The home office, the business club, desk sharing and non-territorial offices, where employees have to register in advance in order to grab one of the limited workplaces available if they do not want to work on the road or from home.

The one catch with this brave new world however is the high price it entails: With their mobile telephones, the users are reachable all the time by everyone – or for no one at all. And while it is true that the mobile phone lets us be contactable and able to work everywhere and at any time – it does also hold the danger of not being able to work anywhere undisturbed. With a separation between free time and work difficult to achieve here. And mobile phones are only compatible and connectable to a limited extent with fixed-line systems: Routing from the office telephone to the mobile phone is practical and simple – but you are still left with separate end devices, infrastructures and mailboxes which have to be maintained, serviced and listened to individually.

With Mobile Centrex Mobile Phone functions like a fixed-line phone

The Mobile Centrex is the remedy here: The Mobile Centrex is a telephone system in the cloud, that transforms the mobile telephone into a fully fledged extension of the telephone system. The mobile phone functions like a fixed-line telephone and provides access to all the standard telephone services. When a business partner calls your fixed-line number, it is completely irrelevant whether the call is taken in the office or out and about. The caller has no idea that the subscriber might be sitting in a café that very minute. Thus, you always have your office at hand – but you only open it when it is convenient for you.

Moreover with the Mobile Centrex, individual availability information can be added in the message provided by the called person. In this way, the caller knows for instance whether they are calling at the right time or if it would be better to try again later. And the presence/availability information can be provided even more easily using the TELES Mobile Control app. With this app, information can be configured and changed faster and more simply. This represents a very convenient solution especially for internal company communications: When a sales manager is on a business trip in Asia for instance and gets a call from Europe, the colleague at the telephone switchboard can see if she is available or busy right now, in a meeting for the next two hours or relaxing in her hotel after the flight. All of this can be provided and permanently updated using the Mobile Centrex, allowing the work to be organized better – and ultimately also achieve a better balance between work and free time.

TELES has the communications solution for a mobile world

The TELES Mobile Centrex solution is the right response to the challenges of the mobile world of work and functions with every standard mobile or smart phone, and that also without any additional applications.