October 06, 2014

TELES Commences Operations at IP Centrex in the Middle East

With the IP Centrex from TELES, the Internet service provider Gulfnet has established an impressive competitive position in the Gulf region. In the hard-fought enterprise customer market, Gulfnet is now scoring top marks for its excellent value added services, together with the soft and smooth migration and investment protection this solution provides.

Berlin/Kuwait, October 6, 2014. The Berlin-based TELES AG Informationstechnologien has commenced operations at one of the first hosted PBX in the Middle East for Gulfnet Communications in Kuwait. "Actually we're celebrating a premiere in the Gulf region with the TELES solution, and we're now in an excellent position to develop the market here," said Gulfnet’s chairman Dr.  Ahmad Salih. "The IP Centrex from TELES offers flexible configuration. It's well tested and supports individual numbering plans for our customers, and it even provides a range of timely telephony functions via SIP trunks. So not only are we well ahead of the competition time-wise with one of the first IP Centrex in the region, we also have an advantage over them in terms of the quality thanks to the top class services it offers."

TELES carries out one of the first IP Centrex in the Gulf region

Numerous carriers and internet service providers (ISP) in the Gulf region are switching over to the fast LTE mobile communications standard. So in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors on the market, service providers such as Gulfnet are focusing on value added services and features. "On top of that, one important success criterion for us is that we are able to guarantee our customers protection of their in-vestments. With the IP Centrex from TELES, you can continue to use the telephony infrastructure already in place without any issues and migrate smoothly to the new standards. And on the user side, that represents a clear factor in deciding whether to go for the changeover to a hosted telephone system or not. No business customer is willing to pay unnecessary costs in order to switch over to a modern working environment."

Furthermore, the benefit offered by the TELES solution is its flexibility: "With TELES, we're able to react easily to the differing legal rules and regulations in the telecommu-nications fields in our target markets, which lets us achieve economies of scale using just one solution – and that's something no one else on the market is able to do right now except TELES," Dr. Ahmad Salih added. The Head of Gulfnet went on to praise the speed at which TELES got the IP Centrex up and running. "All TELES needed was a good month from when the order was given to the go-live – that's pretty impressive."

"With Gulfnet, we now have an excellent customer as a reference in the Gulf region," Oliver Olbrich commented with satisfaction. "And that proves that with our IP Centrex, we have a solution that's able to compete with the best, and that on an international level, too," the Chief Operating Officer from TELES went on to say.

About Gulfnet

Gulfnet Communications Company (Gulfnet) was established in 1991 as the first Internet Service Provider in the Gulf region with the objective of providing cutting-edge Internet  Data and voice Services in the State of Kuwait. Today, approaching two decades, we are proud to be where we are, pioneers leading the way forward.