May 08, 2017

TELES and Vanrise, a Future with a Common Vision

TELES and Vanrise Join Forces to Provide Service Providers with Fully-Fledged IP Communications Solutions

With TELES as a vendor for IP-based communications solutions, and Vanrise as a billing solution provider for wholesale carriers and retail operators, the cooperation between them was inevitable. For more than a decade now, TELES and Vanrise have been collaboratively closing several business deals with common clients. Furthermore, the full integration of Vanrise’s products with TELES solutions drove this mutual business and eventually paved the way for bundled products, creating unique technical and commercial benefits for prospects around the world.

In this context, Vanrise and TELES gladly announce their official cooperation, declaring Vanrise as the Technology Partner of TELES. This makes Vanrise the billing solution provider for TELES through its fully-fledged ntegra Retail Suite.  From here, TELES and Vanrise will be offering their respective clients a bundled communications solution including billing, provisioning and the switching components. The combined solution comprising of TELES VoIP solution and Vanrise’s OSS/BSS system is tailored for IP-Centrex/Cloud PBX providers, ISPs and retail voice, SMS, and data residential/enterprise providers, presenting them with a complete and best-of-breed solution to easily run their core operations and boost their business growth. “TELES and Vanrise have enjoyed considerable success in joint projects over the years. We are very happy to continue this collaboration in the future. For our customers, this means access to the best possible solutions and services", explained Oliver Olbrich, Co-CEO from TELES.

This consequently provides clients with advanced TELES switching features and functionalities including the modular architecture incorporating SIP standards and the support of unified communications, mobility and flexibility; it also offers clients an integrated OSS/BSS system by Vanrise supporting multi-service billing, full subscriber and credit limit management, flexible product packaging, and customized profit and performance reporting.

“Vanrise takes pride in this new level of collaboration with TELES, leveraging on the augmented benefits this drives to our mutual clients in the retail telecom market”, says Mr. Jamal Anouti, Vanrise CEO.

The announcement of the mutual partnership shall elevate the market share of both parties and widen the geographical market reach, asserting the strategic alignment and common vision of TELES and Vanrise for the years to come.