November 07, 2022

TELES Aktiengesellschaft: TELES with a further jump in sales – Pharma is growing rapidly

Berlin (07.11.2022/14:00) – TELES Group (ISIN DE000A289B07 / WKN A289B0) continues to grow significantly. The pharmaceutical sector drives growth to sales of EUR 58.8 million (previous year: EUR 1.68 million - an increase of more than 500 %). The gross profit increased to EUR 3.8 million (previous year EUR 1.3 million) by 196 % compared to the previous year.

TELES also continues to invest in the automation of drug supply (EUR 700 thousand) to be prepared for the growing demand. The automation increases the ability to deliver and accelerates delivery to the point of care.

Compared to the previous year, the operating cash flow is also clearly positive at EUR 2.0 million (previous year: EUR -24 thousand). The good results are also accompanied by an improved EBITDA of EUR 305 thousand.

These nine-month figures demonstrate that TELES is growing faster than the industry average.

TELES acts as a specialized pharmaceutical supplier, which guarantees optimal pharmaceutical care for patients with a digitized supply chain. Drugs for cancer, autoimmune deficits and combination therapies for personalized medicine are delivered quickly and reliably throughout Europe.

Demand for indication-specific drugs is increasing across Europe and TELES is well positioned to benefit from this growth. The European drug market is a stable growth market and is supplied by TELES with German drugs with a high export share. TELES is one of the largest companies in the specialty pharmacy sector in Germany.

Oliver Olbrich
Chief Executive Officer