March 22, 2018

TELES AG Aiming for Greater Flexibility with New Functionalities in Its Cloud UC Solution

"With the latest developments on our UCaaS platform, we are now facilitating the shift to dynamic and location-independent workplaces. The Instant Messaging extension, as well as our new video conference solution adapted into the VAS Version 6.0 are clearly aimed at advancing individuality in the world of work," Oliver Olbrich, Co-CEO of TELES AG, explains.

The Instant Messaging service fulfils all of the requirements set by businesses today and is completely up-to-date in terms of the technology utilised. The security of confidential messages and documents is guaranteed thanks to the cooperative work undertaken here with leading companies in this industry. The user can install the service on any end device, regardless of whether it runs on Windows, Mac, IOS or Android. And with the integration of the push server since the last software version of the Application Server, new messages are now displayed directly on the mobile phone’s notification screen. Moreover, the user’s colleagues and customers can reach them on one and the same landline number – and that regardless of where the user is at that moment. The major plus with this cloud-based solution: All of the data stored, as well as the chat records are available at all times and everywhere. "Our intention here is that it becomes a matter of course for companies to offer their employees a solution in which at least the workplace itself is designed as simply as possible, relative to the complexities of work today," Oliver Olbrich outlined further.

In order to achieve this aim, a further milestone was launched: The new video conference solution. From two to 500 participants can communicate with each other here at the same time, and choose between two different modes: The Active Speaker mode that displays the person then talking in just one window. Or the Matrix mode, in which up to ten speakers can be shown in a tile-design video display. With both modes, the software automatically selects the respective active speaker, so that the images displayed over the course of a video conference change in a manner similar to a natural head movement. The video resolution adapts itself flexibly to that of the end device being used, as well as to the connection strength, because the solution is of course programmed in such a way that each user always sees optimal quality on their device. "The 21st century working world is developing at an incredible pace, but it does need matching technology to achieve this. And developing this technology is our task and mission, which we have now pursued successfully for 35 years," Olbrich said in conclusion.