January 31, 2017

Next Generation Wholesale: Apelby switches over to IP with a TELES high-end solution

Berlin/Prague, 31 January 2017. The network operator Apelby Communications has an array of satisfied customers worldwide in the wholesale sector. With the result that a high-end solution, such as the TELES softswitch with an integrated MGC (Media Gateway Controller) and Session Border Controller, is exactly the right response for them when it is a question of offering stable services with excellent voice quality, and that in an all-IP world as well.

As Michal Kutzendörfer, the CEO of Apelby, explained: "For us, TELES is the optimal technology partner when it comes to completing the step upwards from the conventional networks to date to the latest standards here. And in all phases of the project – from the planning through to its implementation – we benefitted enormously from the unique know-how TELES has built up and the many years of experience they have gained in the field of network migration. With us working closely together on preparing and developing a migration plan tailored to our specific requirements. And TELES’s major plus here is the outstanding advice and consulting they are able to give you thanks to the broad range of experience they already have in similar projects."

Cost-saving and Efficient Network Technology

The TELES Softswitch allows providers of telecommunication solutions to have a smooth transition to the world of IP networks. The platform can be operated and serviced without major outlays – with the result that Apelby are now able to enjoy lower operating costs over the long-term. Michal Kutzendörfer went on to say that: "In addition to the reduction in our costs, what really grabbed our attention was the fact that the TELES softswitch lets us map and offer a whole range of differing pricing models and routing strategies. With the earnings potential clearly increasing for us thanks to the solution’s flexibility.

Interconnecting Various Networks & Flexible Call Controlling

With its integrated Media Gateway Controller and Session Border Controller, differing network and protocols can be interconnected. This permits highly flexible call controlling, together with unrestricted, standards-compliant support of all the current NGN interconnections on the basis of SIP and conventional SS7 connections in one system. In this way, the TELES Softswitch ensures smooth connections in all directions: SIP, SIP-I/-T or classic SS7 variants ANSI and ITU-T, with an array of national variants or mobile networks supported. In a nutshell: The TELES Softswitch addresses all relevant signalling protocols.

Foundation for Future Growth

Flexibility is also the key when it comes to expanding the platform. "The TELES solution grows intelligently in line with the requirements: It is easily scalable, and that without having to make any changes to the topology or the operating plan. The TELES Softswitch can be flexibly integrated into the Next Generation Networks and gives the providers complete freedom in terms of designing and structuring their own business models." Oliver Olbrich, Co-CEO of TELES explained.  "Which makes the TELES Softswitch a safe investment in modern technology with a long life, one capable of securing the network operators’ future in business."

About Apelby
Apelby Communications is a global telecommunications provider of carrier-to-carrier, retail and outsourcing services establishment in 2005. Apelby Communications offers complex telecommunications services to voice carriers, small and medium enterprises and business clients. Local presence in emerging markets together with PoPs in main hubs as Frankfurt, Hong Kong or London allows their wholesale department to offer most competitive international voice services all around the globe. Learn more www.apelby.com