May 08, 2018

Exhilarating TELES Lounge with Exciting Expert Discussions on the Subject of Cloud UC

This year’s first TELES Lounge in Berlin – held in German and on the subject of "Live in the Cloud" – proved to be a great success. "Five years ago, the driving force behind the idea of the Lounge was the desire to bring together exciting people from the sector and shine a light on as many aspects as possible of this multifaceted subject together with them, and then to be able to recognise the challenges involved here and define ways to provide mutual support when we’re making these aims a reality. And we’ve rarely had such success in achieving this like we did this year," Oliver Olbrich, Co-CEO of TELES AG, reflected with satisfaction.

His impressions of this year’s first Lounge were also underscored by the other delegates. As Daniel Eckmann, Head of Strategic Projects at Deutsche Telekom AG commented: "The composition of the experts and specialists on the panel discussions really impressed me, and they were able to address the whole subject of the "cloud" in an incredibly interesting way." For Michael Krause, VP Sales CEE at ASC Technologies AG, one major benefit of the Lounge proved to be that, "as a TELES partner company, you’re able to see exactly what’s happening on the market right now and what demands and requirements your customers are going to have based on that. And many of the synergies revealed here also provide an excellent basis for initiating good exchanges afterwards with your own customer base, as well as with potential new ones too." The aspect of having exchanges among the participants was also a top priority for Ernst Büchel, Product Manager of Telekom Liechtenstein AG: "For us, the opportunity to have such informal exchanges, and that together with the  sense of personal closeness we have with TELES really made the event such a decisive success for us. Not to mention that you also get to meet some of the most important decision-makers in the industry at the Lounge." Jens Böcker, one of Germany’s leading experts in this field, was highly impressed by the Lounge yet again this year: "I’ve already attended the TELES Lounge for a number of years now, and they always manage to tackle truly innovative themes and issues at it, the ones that get everyone excited and trigger off lots of in-depth discussions and debates. And that’s matched by the fact that it provides a superb opportunity to network with the other delegates."
A satisfied Olbrich provided a positive round-up to the Lounge: "There was such a great atmosphere at our evening events especially. And you could see here just how interested everyone at the Lounge was in the mutual further development of our industry. Which really was the best possible motivation to take away with you from the event."

The forthcoming Lounge, due to be held in the autumn of 2018 and aiming to facilitate exchanges on a global scale once more, is being held in English. The themes and subjects expected to form the basis for the discussions and expert talks will be announced in the coming weeks. If you would like to attend this Lounge event or receive our Lounge Newsletter in the future, we would be delighted to receive your request by email to

Pictures from the event:

Photos TELES Lounge, 25 April 2018

Photos TELES Lounge, Evening Event

Photos TELES Lounge, 26 April 2018