July 26, 2017

estos ECSTA Series Now Supports the TELES Voice Application Server

The next generation of middleware connecting in the cloud

Starnberg/Berlin, 26.07.2017 – The estos ECSTA 5 is now available for the TELES Voice Application Server: The newest generation of middleware permits the connection of TAPI-capable applications, such as industry solutions or ProCall Enterprise for instance, to the TELES UC solution from the cloud. Among other features, the users can then control Voice Application Server functions and commands with their PC and at the same time utilise the options and information from their IT environment. For instance, they can establish, accept and end calls by mouse click, connect conferences and set up routing and forwarding of calls. The hotkey dialling frees the caller from keying in phone numbers by hand, thus ensuring that potential mistakes are avoided from the outset. While functions such as the caller ID permits the users to greet their callers by name.

The ECSTA series from estos is a specialised CTI middleware that facilitates communications between telephone systems and the Microsoft Windows IT world. The TELES Voice Application Server gives service providers the means to offer their business customers services and connectivity from the cloud for all of their telephone systems and terminal devices. Together, they allow companies to combine services from the cloud with their on-premises CTI software. "The keyword here is hybrid cloud," as David Welzmiller, Deputy Head of Product Management at estos, explains. "Companies can install a unified communications and collaboration software suite in-house, such as ProCall Enterprise, and connect their telecommunication systems with the IP-based cloud via our ECSTA." Likewise, the estos middleware supports any intended migration: If a company is planning to switch over its in-house telephone system to an IP PBX from the cloud, the CTI software being used can be retained. In each case, the appropriate ECSTA ensures there is a smooth connection with the corresponding PBX. "In this case, the end customers benefit from us being able to give the service providers additional and even more flexible options," Oliver Olbrich, Co-CEO of TELES, added. "They can move their telecommunications into the cloud, without sacrificing any of the CTI functionalities." The software components in the estos ECSTA series support telecommunication systems from differing manufacturers and network them across a number of locations as required. Furthermore, the middleware from Starnberg excels thanks to its stability, simple installation and configuration, as well as its easy servicing. Further information is available at https://www.estos.com/products/ecsta-serie.