September 19, 2017

equada Relying on Sustainable Communication Solutions from TELES

With operations across Germany, equada, provider of cloud and VoIP services, is now banking on solutions from TELES

Berlin/Alzenau, 19.09.2017. TELES, a leading provider of communication solutions for carriers and business customers with its headquarters in Berlin, has equipped equada GmbH which is located in south-German Alzenau with the TELES Voice Application Server. The TELES solutions now let equada offering its customers an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge and sustainable telephony services from the cloud.

Virtual Telephone Systems and Cloud UC Services

With the TELES Voice Application Server, equada can bank on having a failsafe plat-form that provides modern and reliable telecommunication services to its customers. With the current telecommunication systems replaced by cloud-based VoIP services.

The TELES solution offers a full-featured and multi-client enabled communication service, provided by a central server platform. This permits companies to augment all of their telecommunication systems at decentralised locations or replace them completely if so desired. The investment in and operation of on-site hardware becomes history and can be passed directly on to the customers in the form of savings.

"Using our cloud-based platform, our service-provider customers can now offer companies a solution that combines all of the communication modes and channels. Permitting their staff to become mobile, productive and reachable at all times," explains Oliver Olbrich, Co-CEO of TELES.

equada GmbH is a provider of cloud and VoIP services that operates throughout Germany. The customers of the owner-operated company benefit from the technical expertise of its employees, who have direct access to the core systems, permitting them to guarantee excellent support at all times. The beneficial infrastructure solu-tions (virtualDataCenter, managedWebserver), telephony services (Hosted-PBX, VoIP-Trunk) and other services (Cloudgateway, DataCloud) it provides are utilised on a pan-regional basis by its customers from highly diverse sectors. Thanks to the geo-redundant distribution across three computer centres, the solutions from equada are failsafe and available at all times.

When it comes to the technical facilities in the telephony area, equada is now relying completely on the proven and sustainable solutions from TELES. "The TELES solution is the centrepiece of our communication network," Barth went on to say. "The TELES Voice Application server facilitates all of the important voice services: From the virtual telephone system to business trunking through to simple SIP accounts. And that’s how we are now able to offer our customers services in line with their corporate requirements for mobility, flexibility and security," Barth added.