May 04, 2017

Central Voice (IP-) Interconnect Solution for the Tele Columbus Group

  • TELES IP Interconnect solution for national network interconnections of voice services
  • HL komm as central network service provider for connecting voice services in the network of the complete Tele Columbus Group

Berlin/Leipzig, May 4, 2017. Tele Columbus is Germany’s third largest cable network operator, providing cable television, telephone and internet connections to 3.6 million households.  There are a number of subsidiaries in the Tele Columbus Group, including for instance the regional cable network operators primacom, pepcom and the network carrier and service provider for business customers HL komm. In order to simplify and homogenise their current system landscape for providing voice services, last year Tele Columbus decided to interconnect the networks in the complete Tele Columbus Group and utilise one shared IP-interconnect as their POI – point of interconnection for voice signals.

The result being that instead of each subsidiary having its own interconnection system, all of the internal and external network interconnections, such as e.g. to Deutsche Telekom, are now transferred for the complete Tele Columbus Group via one central IP-interconnect solution from TELES. With HL komm managing and operating the TELES solution. Erik Dähne from HL komm outlines the benefits: "Having a central interconnection means that we’ve really been able to save on servicing and maintenance, and reduce our operating costs as well. Not to mention the fact that with TELES at our side we have a reliable and highly experienced partner capable of providing such a top-class solution that now lets us offer services of superb quality to our customers here in the Tele Columbus Group."

HL komm as the Central Service Provider

In this regard, HL komm, a subsidiary of the Tele Columbus Group, acts as the technical centre for the voice services of Tele Columbus Groups entire network, as well as for interconnecting with other network operators. The company, which is headquartered in Leipzig, is one of the leading providers of telecommunications in central Germany. HL komm supplies its customers with tailored solutions in the broadband and telephony area.

TELES IP-Interconnect: The Future-proof and Flexible Solution

Already in 2015, TELES managed and implemented the migration to the TELES Softswitch. "Their legacy system was coming to the end of its operating life and HL komm were looking for a leading-edge, future-driven solution. And with the IP-interconnect solution from us here at TELES, they were able to change over the network with its circuit-switched (SS7) interconnections to SIP," as Oliver Olbrich, Co- CEO of TELES explained.

The TELES Softswitch with its integrated SBC lets HL komm map all of the regulatory requirements that an interconnection solution has to satisfy for a national carrier, such as technical guideline (TG) emergency calls and the integration of ported databases. Moreover, thanks to the system’s scalability, expansions can be smoothly and easily implemented on the same architecture.

"From every single aspect, the TELES solution has fulfilled all of the requirements we had here at the Tele Columbus Group for a national (IP)-interconnect solution, and as the central POI for the Tele Columbus networks and those of its subsidiaries, it has proven to be an excellent decision," as Erik Dähne from HL komm added in conclusion.

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