Company Profile

TELES AG operates in the telecommunications (TELES Carrier Solutions) and pharmaceuticals (pharmacy data center and pharmaceutical supplier) segments.

TELES Carrier Solutions provides digitization solutions for the development and maintenance of telecommunications networks to national or international carriers. TELES migrates traditional TDM / SDH networks into All-IP networks and offers cloud-based Unified Communication as a Service. Millions of people in around fifty countries call each other using TELES products.

TELES Pharma combines the management of large volumes of data in the pharmaceutical industry and the supply of pharmaceuticals. What they have in common is digitization and process optimization along the pharmaceutical value chain.

GVL Rechenzentrum GmbH is a specialized pharmacy data center that plays a pioneering role in the implementation of electronic prescriptions (e-prescriptions). This means that simpler billing options will be possible in the future between pharmacies and health insurance companies, which will also support health services research for the pharmaceutical industry.

The subsidiary EURO RX is a specialized drug supplier that guarantees optimal pharmaceutical care for patients across Europe with a digitized supply chain. Due to the high level of automation, EURO RX can deliver drugs for cancer, autoimmune deficits, and combination therapies of personalized medicine (Specialty Pharma) quickly and reliably. The Euro RX benefits from the increasing demand for indication-specific drugs.

TELES continues to actively pursue cooperation’s and acquisitions in the software and service area of ​​the telecommunications market as well as in the expansion field of pharmaceuticals and digitization.