TELES increases sales significantly compared to the previous quarter

Berlin (17.05.2021/14:00) - TELES AG Informationstechnologien (ISIN DE000A289B07 / WKN A289B0) today published its half-yearly financial statements 2021.

•    Sales increase by 24% compared to the previous quarter
•    Cash flow increases by 84% compared to the previous year
•    Reduction of other operating expenses by 22%
•    Net loss for the period of EUR 96 thousand

The recurring revenues from maintenance and support contribute more and more to TELES's sales. We succeeded in increasing sales in the second quarter by 24% compared to the previous quarter. The orders from Communi5 Technologies, Vienna, and the implementation of a second softswitch location in Angola by our Swiss partner mgi are particularly noteworthy. We were able to supply our customers in Germany with additional software for the requirements of the regulator for TR emergency calls. In the coming months, further growth impulses are expected, in particular through the expansion of the softswitch to include software-based recoding in customer networks (transcoding), which is required by many telecommunications providers to make their VoIP offers more flexible. In the third quarter, TELES will make these product innovations known worldwide with a special marketing campaign.

The operative cash flow increased by 84 percent EUR -97 thousand (previous year EUR -598 thousand). At EUR 1,304 thousand, sales decreased by 11% from EUR 1,471 thousand in the reporting period. The cost of materials ratio increased to 24.0% (previous year: 19.6%). The income from subletting and charging on from agency agreements amounts to EUR 80 thousand (previous year: EUR 76 thousand, reported as other operating income). The other operating income is EUR 102 thousand (previous year: EUR 189 thousand). Personnel expenses were reduced by 9% to EUR 787 thousand (previous year: EUR 862 thousand). The other operating expenses were reduced by 22% to EUR 392 thousand (previous year: EUR 500 thousand). In the half-year financial statements of TELES, the period deficit amounts to EUR 96 thousand (previous year period deficit: EUR 9 thousand). The total assets of TELES increased by EUR 89 thousand compared to the annual financial statements. The company is able to meet its financial obligations at all times.

In 2021, we expect TELES to achieve sales growth of between 10% and 15% compared to the previous year, as well as a positive result (EBIT).

Oliver Olbrich

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