TELES AG: Admission of 834,342 shares

Berlin, February 8, 2023 - TELES AG (ISIN DE000A289B07 / WKN A289B0) has a share capital of EUR 6,233,418.00, divided into 6,233,418 no-par value bearer shares with a notional share of the share capital of EUR 1.00 per share. To date, 4,171,711 shares have been admitted to stock exchange trading. Some of the shares not yet admitted to trading have already been applied for for admission. A strategic anchor investor was won as part of the capital increase carried out in 2020 and 2021. For cost-related reasons, it was agreed with this anchor investor that the new shares would be admitted gradually and using an exemption from the prospectus. A lock-up agreement was concluded with the investor for this purpose. Currently, 1,227,365 shares are still subject to this lock-up agreement.

As part of this year's stock exchange listing, a total of 834,342 shares are planned to be listed, of which 197,915 shares result from the 2020 capital increase and 636,427 shares, some of which result from the 2021 non-cash capital increase of 1,863,792 shares, but have not yet been admitted to stock exchange trading. The number of blocked shares is thus reduced from 1,863,792 shares to 1,227,365 shares, of which 1,001,210 shares are to be admitted to stock exchange trading in February 2024 and a further 226,155 shares are to be admitted to trading in February 2025. The blocked shares are managed in the different class ISIN DE000A3MQCU7.