Dialogic and TELES Demonstrate Field-Proven Interoperability

Dialogic I-Gate 4000 Media Gateways and TELES Softswitch Complete Successful 1:1 Interworking

Parsippany, NJ (USA)/Berlin (Germany), 21.09.2017 - Dialogic, a cloud-optimized applications and infrastructure solutions provider for service providers, enterprises, and developers, and TELES, a leading provider of communications solutions for carriers and business customers, announced today that the Dialogic® I-Gate® 4000 PRO and EDGE Media Gateways have demonstrated field-proven interoperability with the TELES Softswitch.  

Dialogic and TELES successfully completed interoperability testing between the media gateways and the Softswitch and have deployed the joint solution to several customers. The interworking between the two companies’ products allows Dialogic and TELES customers to use the solution in their systems without the need for other equipment and enables capabilities such as local setups and connecting from remote locations.

“Our shared philosophy of product flexibility and reliability has led us to cross paths with Dialogic many times before. This is the first time we’ve officially tested and deployed the interworking of our products, and we’ve only received positive responses with more plans for customers to deploy the joint solution,” said Oliver Olbrich, Co-CEO at TELES.

“The versatility, flexibility, and reliability of our technologies allow our products to work together smoothly. We hope to introduce more interoperable solutions with TELES for our customers, said Jim Machi, SVP of Product Management and Marketing.  

I-Gate 4000 PRO and EDGE Media Gateways redefine the modern gateway with an open and reliable platform compatible with a wide array of vendor switching technologies.  I-Gate 4000 Media Gateways feature unparalleled voice quality, reliability, IP-to-IP transcoding, and support for newer voice services to give telecom operators a competitive advantage and keep pace with their IP transformation needs. Some popular supported I-Gate media gateway functions include: dial tone supervision from softswitch, DTMF, Fax modes, IVR announcement supervision, transcoding, DTMF interworking, and SIGTRAN M3UA for SS7 signaling and backhauling to the TELES Softswitch.

The TELES Softswitch provides a leading edge interconnection and peering solution for Next Generation Network (NGN) operators. Supporting all network architectures and
maximizing the call completion rate, the Softswitch combines versatile signaling capabilities with leading edge routing capabilities. Whether they are SIP, SIP-I/-T or classic SS7 ANSI and ITU-T variants with a wide range of national variants supported – the TELES Softswitch addresses all relevant signalling protocols and thus ensures seamless connections and communications in all directions. In short, the Softswitch provides an intelligent, easy to configure call routing engine to handle traffic.

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